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Emergencies Don’t Sleep. Neither Do We.
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What our happy customers say

thumb_01_60_60Ted K.

Storm Damage

"During a storm the tree in my backyard came down right on my home. The damage was so much no one wanted to do the job. My insurance company recommend Nick Speer. Nick put my stuff that wasn't damaged in storage and the rest that could be salvaged was all cleaned by hand. ."


thumb_02_60_60 Carolyn M.

Flooded Basement

"My basement was flooded and everything was ruined, Nick worked with my insurance company closely to make sure I got all my things back. He made it so easy for me I barley had to raise a finger during the whole process, Nobody took the time like Nick did, The basement was spotless and dry, Thank you Nick."


thumb_03_60_60 Halina P.

Mold In My basement

"Mold was visibly coming through my walls in my basement. The insurance company gave me Nick’s number and he was there the same day. He knew what he was doing and he was more than helpful getting me through this ordeal. Nick got the mold out of my house and made it almost impossible to come back. Gave me peace of mind"


thumb_01_60_60John L.

Rotting Wood

"Rotting wood began making my house fall apart. Before it spread I had to do something. I filed a claim with my insurance company and they recommend Nick Speer. He found the problem, stopped it at the source and replaced the rotting wood. The house hasn't had a problem since."


thumb_02_60_60 Paul E.


"The entire down stairs of my home was covered in mold, I had no idea what to do or who to call. My insurance company gave me Nick's contact information and after we got off the phone he came to my home quickly. He saw my problem and scheduled his team to work on my house right away. Everyone was very professional and they left my home in better shape than when they found it."


thumb_03_60_60 Andy S.

Pipe Busted

"A pipe burst and water was everywhere in my basement; my carpets where soaked. After hearing about some work he did for my friend, I gave Nick a call. He removed the carpet in my basement and dried everything so new carpet could be put in . The job didn't take long and it was done right. "


thumb_01_60_60Angela and Luke W.

Water and Mold

Nick Speer of Disaster Restoration Specialists has come to our rescue more than once in the clean up department. 5 years ago, we stepped into our full basement to find 2 inches of water had flooded everything due to a faulty sump pump. We were devastated and had no idea where to turn. Thankfully we called on Nick, and he was there quickly with the proper equipment to take care of the water problem & dry us out before mold had the opportunity to set in. He worked quickly and efficiently to get the job done. The process was seemless and he assisted us with the process of filing our insurance claim & working with the adjuster to make sure he understood the magnitude of the loss we faced. We were amazed at how quickly he was able to take care of a problem that would have taken us weeks to deal with! 1 year later, we had him come back to the house to check for mold due to allergy issues our son was experiencing. He gave us the reassurance we needed to know our house was safe for our son and mold free! 3 years ago, we moved to a new home and have dealt with water back up in our new basement since. We recently found 'black mold' all thru the basement dry wall, studs and insulation. We again called on Nick's professional service for his opinion on safety and removal. He was there within hours to assess the situation and took care of it immediately for us. Finding black mold in your home with 3 small children is a scare for any parent, and having him on the job to reassure me and take care of the situation, greatly alleviated my anxiety about the already stressful situation. Nick has been wonderful to work with; kind, honest, hardworking & very fair. We will surely recommend him to anyone who has similar issues in the future!


thumb_02_60_60 Philip P. - Realtor

Smoke Smell

When helping some friends get a property ready to rent, I tried several products to rid it of cigarette smoke. Nothing worked so I called Nick at Disaster Restoration Specialists, and he took care of the problem in less than a day! He is so nice to work with, punctual, and friendly. I highly recommend this company for any type of problem...small or large... Thanks again Nick! The new tenants are so pleased 🙂


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